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Data-Driven Decisions for Food and Energy

Biological and agricultural engineer Daniela Sofia Jones discusses how she and her colleagues use data analytics, and the growing potential of data analytics to help solve agricultural challenges.

Published onAug 11, 2022
Data-Driven Decisions for Food and Energy

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You might not realize sweet potatoes come in all sorts of cool shapes and sizes. So why when you go to the grocery store, do they look all alike? Did you know how much power there is in corn? Computer programming, food and farmers actually have a lot in common. Daniela Sofia Jones, Ph.D., shares how agriculture data analytics is our best path to more efficient, sustainable, and resilient farms, the farms of the future.

Jones is an assistant professor in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAE) department and the data science academy director of agricultural analytics at NC State. She also holds a joint appointment with the operations research and analysis team at Idaho National Laboratory. She earned her doctorate in BAE from Texas A&M University and her master’s and bachelor’s in industrial engineering with a minor in mathematics from Mississippi State University. Before her current role, Jones was a postdoctoral associate at Duke University. At NC State, she runs the Intelligent Data for Energy and Agriculture Logistics and Supply Chain (IDEALS) Lab. She uses data science and operations research to improve our food, feed and energy production systems.

Data-Driven Decisions for Food and Energy (Daniela Sofia Jones)

This video was originally produced for an audience of entering first-year and transfer students at NC State University as a part of an interdisciplinary experience. It is available for noncommercial reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 License,


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