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Rethinking Global Conservation

What does the past have to do with present-day conservation?

Published onJan 15, 2022
Rethinking Global Conservation


What does the past have to do with present-day conservation? Asia Murphy, Ph.D.  discusses how European imperialism continues to influence conservation today and what we can do to right the injustices of the past.

Asia Murphy spies on wildlife using cameras. Murphy got her undergraduate degree from NC State, studied Malagasy wildlife for her master's degree at Virginia Tech, and earned her Ph.D. studying predator-prey interactions at Penn State. She is doing a deep dive on coyote adaptability for her postdoctoral research at University of California, Santa Cruz.

Rethinking Global Conservation (Asia Murphy)

This video was originally produced for an audience of entering first-year and transfer students at NC State University as a part of an interdisciplinary experience. It is available for noncommercial reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 4.0 License,



  1. View a playlist of lectures that Dr. Asia Murphy gave for a course she taught recently on how colonialism influenced global conservation. She covers indigenous ways of conserving and managing resources, how different types of protected areas influence local people, green militarization, and why focusing on overpopulation in terms of numbers is often racist.

  2. View a Buzzfeed series on human rights violations that occurred at a number of protected areas across the globe due to fortress-style management.

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